Greetings from the Sadhu Vaswani Center of Atlanta. We have some exciting news to share with you. The City of Atlanta Council issued a proclamation, declaring November 25th as a Meatless Day. This is an unprecedented milestone and the first in the U.S. for a municipality to recognize a higher need for animal rights. Sadhu Vaswani Mission has counted over 4.1 million pledges from across the globe to be vegetarian on this special day. Further, over 84 million supporters signed up to help support the cause as either existing vegetarians or groups and individuals wanting to help advance the cause.

We are reaching out to you to request your help to make an even bigger impact in 2024. Sadhu Vaswani Center is starting a complimentary Meatless e-Newsletter beginning in January 2024, and we need your help. Please see below ways that you can contribute towards the quarterly newsletter and towards the 2024 campaign.

1) Submit an article, recipe, ad for vegetarian food establishments, notes including uplifting thoughts or experiences, inspirational quotes, or other material to If your message is >1MB, we kindly request that you send the content via a shared drive or a method such as wetransfer. Note to vegetarian restaurants, this is a free way to advertise your business, so please do send your ad for inclusion in the newsletter. Further, we would like to feature your restaurant as a place to get any special discount or coupon for anyone visiting your establishment on November 25th, as a way to promote International Meatless Day. For example, 5-10% discount, on Meatless Day, or get a free drink, etc.

2) Reach out to colleges, corporations, spiritual organizations, hospitals, rotary clubs, lions clubs, sports teams, among others in your area. You can also attempt to circulate in relevant newspapers and magazines. We will provide all the promotional materials and support that you need.

3) Pledge to go Veg on November 25th. Vegetarians may also pledge and complete an act of service (feed the birds) on this day. Fill out the online pledge form at Share with your friends and family.

The quarterly deadlines to submit content for the newsletters are January 13, 2024 (Q1), April 13th (Q2), July 13th (Q3), and October 13th (Q4).

Thank you for your support and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Suraj Amarnani
SVC Volunteer Lead